About Us

Who are we?

Omkara is a real estate investment organisation, with a portfolio of properties, looking to acquire development opportunities.

Omkara has a team of leading consultants including planning experts, architects, valuers, property sourcers and builders. They possess a highly regarded status within the sector with investors, planning officers and agents. We utilise a wealth of strategies to source properties both on and off market and ensure clients achieve new levels of success with the properties they acquire, design, develop and manage.

Our Culture

As an alternative to extensive rules and processes, we opt for increases in employee responsibility and freedom, focusing less on how many hours someone works, but the accomplishments that come from those hours.

The biggest boost to productivity comes from the belief that what you’re doing matters, we utilise this by empowering employees with responsibility.

Creativity flourishes in environments that are comfortable and free of fear of criticism, having an idea that does not quite hit the mark is never a problem, as long as they are contributing to their organization.

One of our ultimate goals is to make all of our employees a self-managing professional active in initiating communication and coordination with their co-workers.

Our Values

The Team

Devan Sharma

Managing Director

Rakesh Sharma


Dan Khan

Senior Business Development Representative

Charlie Turnbull

Business Development Representative

Zuli Hussain

Accounts Director


Vice Pooch and Best Boy

Our Commitments

1. We are implementing eco-friendly practices into our day-to-day work, aiming for a carbon neutral and paper free workplace.

2. We offer a flexible working environment, allowing working from home when necessary, putting needs and health of our employees first.

3. We are investing in staff development, it is very important to us to ensure that our staff feel valued in an environment that supports their development and learning.

4. In addition to planting trees to offset our carbon footprint, we work closely with local charities so that we can give something back to the community.